about Honey's

about Honey’s

How did we get into the world?
Honey's was founded by a couple of young parents, when their first son was born they found themselves moving between many online stores, in order to purchase everything their baby son needed.
To save other parents the tiring experience, the idea was born to set up a store that would include all the products needed for the sweet and new baby at home.

Honey’s has set itself one main goal, to provide parents with the greatest variety at the best prices so that they can give the baby the best, while maintaining the level of quality, visibility and most importantly the service
We offer a variety of innovative solutions that put the baby's development at the center, as well as the parents' peace of mind.
The products we offer come from a real and everyday need, we constantly offer unique, comfortable, designed and affordable products that will make the life of the parents comfortable and easier.
Our main focus at Honey’s is to provide the best service available to you!
We believe that before we work with clients we work with parents of children just like us, and as important to us as the smallest thing that exists for our child it is just as important to you too!